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Privacy Advisory

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The Cybersecurity Privacy Advisory team here at Revio focuses on helping organisations

manage and protect sensitive information about individuals, ensuring compliance with privacy laws

and regulations,  maintaining trust with customers and stakeholders.

Here's a range of services we provide to keep your company’s sensitive information protected.


  1. Data Protection and Privacy Compliance:
    We assist organisations in understanding and complying with relevant localised and global privacy laws and regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Consumer Privacy Acts etc. We help organisations interpret legal requirements, assess their impact on business operations and implement measures to ensure compliance.

  2. Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs):
    Our team conduct privacy impact assessments to identify and evaluate the potential privacy risks associated with new projects, products, or processes. We assess the collection, use, and sharing of personal data, identify potential privacy vulnerabilities, and recommend controls and mitigations to address these risks.

  3. Data Governance and Classification:
    Our privacy advisors help organisations establish data governance frameworks and processes to effectively manage and protect personal data throughout its lifecycle. This includes defining data classification schemes, specifying data handling requirements, and implementing controls to ensure data integrity, confidentiality, and availability.

  4. Privacy Policies and Notices:
    We assist organisations in drafting and updating privacy policies, notices, and consent forms to clearly communicate how personal data is collected, used, and shared. We ensure that privacy notices are transparent, concise, and easily accessible to individuals, enabling them to make informed decisions about their data.

  5. Privacy by Design and Default:
    Our privacy advisors promote the principles of privacy by design and default, advocating for the integration of privacy considerations into the design and development of products, services, and systems from the outset. We work closely with IT and security teams to implement privacy-enhancing technologies and features that minimise the collection and processing of personal data.

  6. Incident Response and Breach Notification:
    In the event of a data breach or security incident involving personal data, privacy our advisors play a critical role in guiding organisations through the incident response process. We help assess the impact of the breach on individuals' privacy rights, determine notification requirements under applicable laws, and assist in drafting and distributing breach notifications to affected individuals and regulatory authorities.

  7. Vendor and Third-Party Risk Management:
    We advise organisations about how to manage the privacy risks associated with third-party vendors and service providers by conducting privacy assessments, reviewing contractual agreements, and monitoring compliance with privacy requirements. We ensure that vendors handle personal data responsibly and in accordance with the organisation's privacy policies and legal obligations.

  8. Employee Training and Awareness:
    Revio provides privacy training and awareness programs to educate employees about their responsibilities regarding the protection of personal data.  Our programs raise awareness about privacy risks, best practices for data handling, and the importance of safeguarding sensitive information to prevent data breaches and privacy incidents.


Revio privacy advisory services complement our range of cybersecurity services by focusing on the protection of personal data and privacy rights, helping organisations build and maintain trust with their customers and stakeholders, and ensuring compliance with privacy laws and regulations.

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