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Online Security Awareness Training

This online course for information security awareness is simple to navigate, easy to understand and will accommodate all learning styles. It is delivered through the Revio Online School and can be integrated with your existing learning management system. During this training, students will undertake interactive learning activities to reinforce practical ways to ensure safe working online. At the end of this course, there is a short online assessment and students are issued with a certificate upon completion. For companies with internal learning management systems, the results can be automatically fed back into such systems for simplified completion tracking.

Student outcomes

At the end of this course for information security awareness, your employees and contractors will be able to:
o    Understand the importance of information security
o    Avoid phishing attacks
o    Know how to use passwords to protect your data
o    Be able to keep devices safe
o    Know how to identify and report security breaches
o    Recognise that information security is everyone’s responsibility

Business meeting
Business meeting

Business outcomes

Once your people have completed this online information security course you will achieve the following benefits:
o    Better prevent cyber-attacks
o    Protect sensitive data from being compromised
o    Ensure security concerns are reported in a timely manner
o    Provide regulators with evidence of staff training
o    Help meet reporting obligations for security and data breaches
o    Promote a secure workplace culture

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