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Most industrial control systems (ICS) and operational technology (OT) are predominantly insecure by design and are easily accessible. There are limited security event logs and most companies don’t know what devices they have on their networks until they are deployed. In most cases staff are not trained in ICS/OT cybersecurity awareness and mitigation. 


Sophisticated cybercriminals pose a grave threat to ICS/OT operations, potentially leading to severe consequences such as shutdowns, equipment damage, and risks to health and safety. Moreover, the fallout can extend to financial losses, reputational damage, and the compromise of intellectual property and competitive edge. Revio can help gain comprehensive visibility into threats impacting ICS/OT via both IT and CT channels, bolstered by enhanced detection and response capabilities.

Here is how Revio can help strengthen a manufacturing companies cybersecurity defences, protect sensitive data, intellectual property and mitigate the risks associated with cyber threats.


  1. Risk Assessment and Management:
    Revio can conduct comprehensive risk assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities and threats within manufacturing systems and networks. By analysing the risk landscape, they help organisations prioritise cybersecurity investments and develop effective risk management strategies to mitigate potential threats.


  2. Securing Industrial Control Systems (ICS):
    Manufacturing companies rely on industrial control systems (ICS) to automate processes and control machinery. Revio can help secure these critical systems by implementing security controls, conducting security assessments, and deploying specialised technologies such as intrusion detection systems (IDS) and network segmentation to protect against cyber threats targeting ICS environments.


  3. Supply Chain Security:
    Manufacturing companies often have complex supply chains involving multiple vendors and partners. Revio experts assess and manage the cybersecurity risks associated with third-party vendors by conducting vendor risk assessments, evaluating vendor security controls and establishing supply chain security frameworks to ensure the security of outsourced services and components.


  4. Data Protection and Intellectual Property (IP) Protection:
    Manufacturing companies handle sensitive data, including proprietary designs, trade secrets, and customer information. Revio will advise and or implement robust data protection measures, including encryption, access controls, and data loss prevention (DLP) solutions, to safeguard sensitive information from unauthorised access, theft, or manipulation.


  5. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Security:
    The adoption of connected devices and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in manufacturing introduces new cybersecurity risks. Revio can assist manufacturing companies to secure their IIoT deployments. We implement IoT security best practices, conduct security assessments, and deploy security solutions such as device management platforms, network segmentation and secure communication protocols to protect against IoT-related cyber threats.


  6. Compliance and Regulatory Compliance:
    Manufacturing companies must comply with industry-specific regulations and standards related to cybersecurity and data protection. Revio can help manufacturing companies achieve and maintain compliance with regulations such as NIST SP 800-171, ISO 27001, and cybersecurity maturity model certification (CMMC) by providing guidance on regulatory requirements, conducting compliance assessments, and implementing appropriate security controls.


  7. Employee Training and Awareness:
    Revio offers customised training programs and awareness campaigns to educate manufacturing company employees about cybersecurity best practices, phishing awareness, and incident response procedures. By raising awareness and empowering employees to recognise and respond to security threats, manufacturing companies can enhance their overall security posture.

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