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Media and Entertainment

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Cybersecurity helps the media and entertainment industry to protect intellectual property, secure content distribution platforms, prevent piracy, safeguard production systems, protect consumer data and ensure operational resilience.  Cybersecurity enables media and entertainment companies to preserve the integrity of their creative assets, enhance consumer trust and sustain their competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

Here's some services Revio can provide that will mitigate against cyberattacks specific to the media and entertainment Industry:


  1. Protecting Intellectual Property:
    The media and entertainment industry produce valuable intellectual property, including films, music, video games, and digital content.  We deploy measures such as encryption, digital rights management (DRM) and access controls to help protect intellectual property from unauthorised access, theft, or piracy, safeguarding creative assets and revenue streams.


  2. Securing Content Distribution Platforms:
    Media and entertainment companies operate on digital content distribution platforms, streaming services and online marketplaces where consumers access and purchase content. Revio cybersecurity solutions such as web application firewalls (WAFs), content delivery network (CDN) security and digital watermarking help secure these platforms from cyber threats. We mitigate against DDoS attacks, data breaches and content piracy, ensuring the availability and integrity of digital content for consumers.


  3. Preventing Piracy and Unauthorised Distribution:
    Piracy and unauthorised distribution of copyrighted content poses significant challenges for the media and entertainment industry.  This leads to revenue losses and damage to brand reputation.  Our cybersecurity measures such as anti-piracy technologies, content monitoring tools and legal enforcement strategies help prevent piracy and detect unauthorised distribution channels.


  4. Securing Production and Post-Production Systems:
    Media production and post-production processes involve the creation, editing, and distribution of digital content using sophisticated editing software and production workflows. We can help secure these systems from cyber threats such as ransomware attacks, data breaches and insider threats that could disrupt production schedules, compromise sensitive content, or leak unreleased materials. This way we can help maintain the confidentiality and integrity of digital assets throughout the production lifecycle.


  5. Protecting Personal and Financial Data:
    Media and entertainment companies collect and process personal and financial data from consumers including payment card information, user profiles and viewing preferences. Our cybersecurity measures such as encryption, tokenisation and access controls help protect this data from unauthorised access, theft, or misuse.  This ensures consumer privacy and compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.


  6. Ensuring Operational Resilience:
    We provide incident response plans, business continuity measures and disaster recovery strategies so media and entertainment companies can mitigate the impact of cyber incidents and maintain uninterrupted service delivery to consumers.

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