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Oil & Mining Industry

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Cybersecurity is vital for the oil and mining industry to protect critical infrastructure, secure operational technology systems, ensure safety and environmental protection, protect intellectual property, secure the supply chain and prevent cyberattacks.

Here's some services Revio can provide to the oil and mining industry:


  1. Securing Operational Technology (OT) Systems:
    Oil and mining operations rely heavily on OT systems, including supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, industrial control systems (ICS) and process automation systems. Cybersecurity measures such as network segmentation, access controls and intrusion detection systems (IDS) help secure OT systems from cyber threats such as ransomware, malware, and unauthorised access.


  2. Protecting Remote Sites and Assets:
    Oil and mining operations often involve remote and isolated sites that are difficult to physically secure. Revio cybersecurity provide solutions such as remote monitoring, video surveillance and perimeter security systems to help protect remote sites and assets from cyber threats such as theft, vandalism and sabotage. 


  3. Ensuring Safety and Environmental Protection:
    ybersecurity is essential for ensuring the safety of personnel and protecting the environment in oil and mining operations.  We put in place safety instrumented systems (SIS), emergency shutdown systems (ESD) and environmental monitoring systems help prevent accidents, spills and environmental disasters by ensuring the proper functioning of safety-critical equipment and processes.


  4. Protecting Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets:
    The oil and mining industry invests heavily in research and development to develop new technologies, processes, and techniques. Revio cybersecurity measures such as encryption, digital rights management (DRM) and access controls help protect intellectual property and trade secrets from unauthorised access, theft or industrial espionage.


  5. Securing Supply Chain and Logistics:
    The oil and mining industry relies on complex supply chains involving multiple vendors, suppliers and partners. We help secure the supply chain by conducting vendor risk assessments, implementing supply chain security controls and monitoring third-party vendors for signs of compromise or suspicious activity. This reduces the risk of cyber supply chain attacks and disruptions to operations.


  6. Preventing Cyber-Physical Attacks:
    Cybersecurity helps prevent cyber-physical attacks that can manipulate or sabotage industrial processes, equipment, or infrastructure. The team at Revio can implement cybersecurity measures such as anomaly detection, threat intelligence sharing and incident response planning. This assists oil and mining companies to detect and respond to cyber threats that can compromise the safety, integrity and reliability of critical systems.

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